Hazardous ethnography: how to collect data in trouble waters?

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Résumé : Ethnography is a qualitative methodology used for a long time in anthropology and sociology. Since the introduction of market-oriented ethnography in the Journal of Marketing Research (Arnould Wallendorf, 1994), naturalistic inquiry has met a great success in consumer research. This paper aims to bring a reflection on ethnographical data collection process in hazardous contexts. Indeed, some research fields are more arduous to study. The question we try to answer is: how to collect ethnographic data in unfavourable contexts? To answer this question, the ethnographic method is presented first, as well as applications in consumer reserach. Secondly, methodology is then presented. Difficulties to collect data in trouble waters are adressed.. Finally, the paper provides recommendations to conduct naturalistic inquiry in this particular context.

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Pour citer : Cambefort, M. (2023). Hazardous ethnography: how to collect data in trouble waters?. Carnets de la Consommation. https://doi.org/10.48748/NVGR-AA89