Rethinking cultural consumption through the lens of categorization

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Abstract : We live in an era of cultural abundance in which cultural products and opportunities to consume them are more numerous than ever before (Glévarec, 2021). The profound changes in the cultural industries induced by the dematerialization of cultural goods have led to the emergence of gigantic cultural “platforms” that give easy access (Belk, 2014) to collections of cultural products of unprecedented. Further, French society has a long history of cultural policies aimed at reducing social discrepancies in cultural participation (Bellon, 2016; Esclatine, 2013; Zask, 2016). Despite such abundance, such access and such political efforts, there is a lack of diversity consumed on these platforms and on the physical market (Donnat, 2018a, 2018b), and cultural participation in France still reveals social discrepancies (Lombardo & Wolff, 2020). The existing literature on cultural consumption doesn’t sufficiently account for these issues.

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