Russell Belk screened by technology: from Head to Toe!

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Video description : The very abundant literature output of Russel Belk started in 1966 and has been reflected so far in 684 publications (Google Scholar, 2023). He has not only been one of the major contributors to consumer research but he is also a generator of ideas and an inspiration for other researchers all over the world (e.g. Belk (1988), quoted 5887 times). With qualitative approaches, ethnography and videography, he has been covering a broad spectrum of topics on consumption, consumer culture and consumer behavior and introduced many meta-concepts in the fields of identity, possessions, desire or sharing. The objective of this contribution is to dismantle Russel’s hot topics and their evolution over time but also to analyze the impact of his research through his huge academic work among different readers. On the one hand, we analyze the bibliometric archives of his publications: we retrace the emergence of the research themes and concepts that have driven his publications over time by analyzing them (seriously!) with the technological tools of automated text analysis. Russel’s work is then deconstructed by using a software program and the results are captivating. On the other hand, we explore, in a special bonus section, what other actors (AI and SSH researchers, PhD students) have to say (sometimes less seriously!) about his investigations and especially about the role of Belk’s work in their careers. The whole contribution provides a legacy of an abundant scholar and insights into the evolution of consumer research. It can also serve as a useful condensed overview for young scholars as they embark on research adventures. We aim to present our findings in a serious but nevertheless entertaining video, in line with the festive atmosphere of the conference.

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Pour citer : Clauzel, A., & Loussaïef, L. (2023). Russell Belk screened by technology: from Head to Toe! Carnets de la Consommation.