La formation de la valeur pour le client : interactions, incertitudes et cadrages

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Résumé : The valuation process of customer value: interactions, uncertainties and framing. We argue that the value of an offering emerges from interaction with customers and from its integration in the customers’ world. Any offering is a material and/or human resource able to provide a performance. Its value remains virtual until customers deploy their competency to exploit this resource in a programme of actions and a practice. Its performance can transform the physical, social or imaginative world of customers. Offerings gain or lost value through and by their role in practices. Valuation is the process in which an experience takes value. A value judgment results from what Dewey calls an inquiry. Without a convention of qualification and judgment devices, customers cannot make an inquiry and cannot produce a judgment neither on offerings quality, nor on prices. A large spectrum of statements and material devices allow them to face uncertainties when they are evaluating offerings. Experience of interaction with any resource is framed by practices. Within b to c or b to b, suppliers attempt to (re)frame practices to promote the buying and usage of their offerings. Therefore marketing could be seen as the art of (re)framing experiences of users and customers.


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Pour citer : Marion, G. (2013). La formation de la valeur pour le client : interactions, incertitudes et cadrages. Perspectives Culturelles De La Consommation.